Friday, October 7, 2016

We Are Married! Honey Moon Post


We have officially been married almost three weeks!

Our wedding was beautiful and perfect and SO much fun.

I will definitely be posting more about the wedding, but not until I have more wedding pics to share :)
Until then, I will talk about our honey moon.

We went to San Diego for five days and it was perfect. We weren't sure if we were going to take a honeymoon- for multiple reasons. One it came though, we were SO thankful we did.

We left the Monday morning after the wedding and luckily hit zero traffic. Which was a miracle. Garrett drove the entire seven hours there (and back haha) but since we got there a lot faster then we thought we would, our hotel wasn't ready yet when we arrived.

We drove around San Diego a bit then went back to the hotel to explore and have a complimentary drink at their bar. We started to get frustrated because our room was taking much longer to be ready then they originally told us. Later, we felt bad- because it turned out it took a little longer because they upgraded our room for free, since it was our honeymoon AND set up some honeymoon gifts.

We stayed at the LaFayette hotel and it was amazing. It's an older historic hotel that is sort of old hollywood themed. Totally beautiful with unique touches- oh and a full service restaurant, bar and pool.

We loved the life sized chess game the hotel had. We played every night when we got back to the hotel, before going to our room.

I was beyond obsessed with these umbrella lights!

It was a perfectly relaxing week of just kind of "going with the flow". Our whole trip we explored all sorts of parts of San Diego. We took some suggestions from friends and family for places to go but mostly we just wandered around seeing what we could find.

I am slightly bummed because I didn't get many pictures from our trip. My phone was away most of the time. I was kind of just enjoying the moment.

I would like this picture a lot more if my shoe didn't still have the Ross price tag on it. HAH! 

We had lots of beach trips, lots of exploring bars and restaurants and even a baseball game. Garrett is a huge Giants fan so we had to take advantage of the Giants being in San Diego playing while we were there. It was fate.

Admiring our new rings ;)
We did spend quite a bit of time paddle boarding which was a blast. I love the beach but I really dislike being in open water. But I loved being out on the paddle board. I just stayed a bit closer then Garrett did. He laughed because every time I got to far past my comfort zone I just sat on the board and paddled myself back canoe style.

And a few random selfies. Because I have a ton of those.

Once we got home Avery was extremely excited to see us and we got right back into the normal life, but as an official married couple!

Cannot wait to share wedding pictures and post about our special day.

Happy Friday!


  1. First off, congratulations MRS.!!!!!! I can't wait to see wedding pictures. I looks like you guys had so much fun on your honeymoon. That's so sweet that the hotel did something special for you guys The life size chess board completely reminds me of Harry Potter.

    1. Thank you!! It was the best getaway. We totally said the same thing, that the chess was like Harry Potter hah!

  2. Looks like a great honeymoon! We haven't gone on ours yet. So sweet they upgraded your room. And is the wait on the photos killing you? Because it's killing me ;)

    1. It was so fun! It will be such a great get away for you both. And oh my gosh, YES!! Our photographer has shown us a few sneak peeks and it is torture haha

  3. Congrats!! Looks like such a fun honeymoon!

  4. Thank you very much! It was a blast :)