Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother's Day Mom Exchange

Happy Friday, folks!

I was so happy to join in on the Mother's Day Mom Exchange again this year. Thanks to Courtney and Elizabeth for hosting this fun blogger exchange! So fun to meet new Mamas and get the chance to spoil eachother a bit.

This year I recieved my gift from Ashley! Ashley is a Mama of two sweet little girls, Ellie and Finnley and I am so glad to have met her!

Ashley couldn't have nailed my gift better ;)

I told her I love tacos- and anything spicy, so she included a yummy new salsa for me to try with my tacos. Fun fact: I had to take a picture of my gift the day it came because I knew I'd be cracking into that salsa in no time. Which I did. That day.

Then I got a new braclet in my favorite color, blue. I've worn that bracelet almost everyday this past week. I love it! It was like she knew becasue it matches perfectly with a dress I just bought!

Then a perfect smelling Wonderful You soap. That came in the cutest packaging, might I add. With a handwritten Mother's Day card which was so sweet. There's just something about a hand written card!

Last and not least Ashley was so sweet and included a little something for Avery. She loves her Little Miss Sunshine book and this may be the start of the collection now that she knows there's more ;) Of course when I was opening my package Avery was right there watching and she was so happy to see there was something in there for her.

Thank you so much Ashley for the thoughtful gift! I hope you enjoy your Mother's Day, your first year as a Mama of two :)

I sent a gift to Jacie over at The Fella Life. Head over to her blog to see what  I got her! I loved getting to meet Jacie and get to know her adventerous fun personality. Shopping for her was so fun!


  1. Such a great swap! I love the Little Miss books!

  2. What neat gifts! That bracelet is beautiful. And how fun to get to try a new salsa.

  3. I am hopping over from Jacie's blog. I am the "other Emily" in her Mother's Day exchange world. Ha! I absolutely love that bracelet. I would be incorporating it into my wardrobe everyday, too. Have a great Mother's Day weekend!

  4. Oh such a fun salsa gift! Love that she picked out something so personal for you, and that bracelet is amazing! Happy Mother's Day weekend!!

  5. That bracelet!!!!! LOOOOOOOOVEEEEE!

  6. Fun gifts! That bracelet is so cute, and some salsa and chips sounds yummy right about now.

  7. Great gift! That bracelet is beautiful! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  8. That bracelet is gorgeous! What a perfect package.
    Happy Mother's Day!!

  9. What a perfect package! My husband loves spicy things too so he would be all about that salsa! She sent you some great goodies!
    Happy Mother's Day and thank you so much for participating in our gift exchange!

  10. Looks like a super thoughtful gift! Happy Mother's Day!

  11. I'm so glad you loved it!! I enjoyed shopping for you and wow! That bracelet was a hit!!!