Thursday, April 28, 2016

Our adult only vacation

Last week we visited Montana and Wyoming for Garrett's friends wedding. 

The trip was a success. We went to the little Wyoming town Garrett grew up in, which was my first time there and his first time back since he left 7 years ago. He was able to reconnect with all his old friends and I was able to meet everyone. We had four days of adult time which was really nice and much needed! Trips without Avery will be far and few between, but it was a nice reminder of how important it is to make time for each other and have some time just us. We came home making a promise to make more of an effort to have more kid-free time. 

(Side note.. Garrett always has on a hat. Always)

By the time our trip was over I felt like running home to squeeze Avery. She was very excited to see us which was so sweet. I thought for sure she wouldn't even care (hah!). Call me crazy but just our few days away, after coming home Avery seemed so much bigger! She was pronouncing certain words better and even saying new phrases. It's too much for my heart to handle, I don't realize how much she changes day by day. 

We had a nice Mommy/daughter date the day after we came back where Avery caught me up on every single thing that happened while we were gone and she reminded me how happy she was that we were all "at our home" together. 

On that note. I am ready for another vacation :) and the wedding we went for totally has us extra excited for our wedding that is just a little over four months away.. Eek! 

Happy Monday everyone


  1. I'm glad you guys had fun! Dean and I haven't been on an adult only vacation since before we had Mason. Avery is so cute!

  2. Avery looks so grown up in these pictures!!! She is getting so tall!

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