Thursday, September 24, 2015

Farewell, Summer

((I say this loosely, because even though Summer is officially over, it still feels like Summer. I can't wait to say goodbye to these Summer temperatures!))

Avery truly sprouted this Summer into such a big girl. The last few months have officially gotten us into big girl territory. Avery transitioned into a big girl bed, is officially 100% potty trained, talks non stop in full sentences. We spent the entire summer making memories while watching Avery grow before our very eyes. We had lots of days spent outside, at the park, baseball games, at the beach, eating ice cream, swimming, family bbq's, playing bubbles; lots of little day trips, date nights, farmers markets, good food, good drinks.

I am not sad to see Summer go, but it'll definitely be a summer to remember!

Fall brings us all three of our Birthdays, Halloween, lots of fall activities and leads us into the Holiday season- and we are ready!


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