Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Princess Dress & Disney Dates

What girl can't relate to putting on something pretty and suddenly feeling awesome?

Apparently, even two year old girls go through it.

I had a big ol' mom win the other day when an Old Navy dress, that was on sale, got me a "I wuv tha pwincess dwess mom, you da best ever" from Avery. Also, she wears it nearly everyday and cannot help but spin around and sing and dance as soon as it goes on. Even the occasional curtsy.

My baby girl is a total big girl now- it blows my mind. I'm sure a few years from now I'll be kicking myself for thinking this stage was a big girl stage, when we get into even bigger girl stages. 

Speaking of big girls, this one told Garrett & I, out of the blue, 
"I'm gonna see Jake later" (Jake and The Never Land Pirates)
Garrett asked her, "oh yeah? You have a date?"
"YES! We gonna dance" *insert impromptu booty shaking here*

Yes. That happened. For the next 30 minutes she spent time fluffing her pink princess dress, brushing her hair (in that way toddlers brush their hair in the opposite direction), and asking me multiple times if she can please have my makeup and telling me "pwetty pwease!" when I tried to explain she doesn't need the makeup. She was so giddy and cute, prancing around for her pretend date with a Disney cartoon character. Garrett and I laughed and imagined the days when this make believe date will become real dates. Will she still think I'm the best ever when I buy her dresses that twirl? Or still ask me to paint her nails and put on makeup? Or spin around in the living room all giddy-like talking to Garrett and I?

Avery, can we play dress up forever, please? Also, tell that Jake kid we're watching him. 

For inquiring minds, she was totally over my back patio photo session I bribed her into participating in. M&M's always win. 

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  1. Too funny and cute about her date with Jake! Although for all the hours of Disney Jr that I've watched, Jake seems like a pretty good guy ;) Loving all the pink twirly ruffles. She's a cutie!

  2. hahaha that is super cute! I'm with you though this stage seems like such a big girl stage. 2.5 seems like 13 to me. Jake seems like a pretty good choice though.