Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Two year old going on teenager

Do I have a toddler.. or do I have a teenager?
I don't know anymore!

Avery is going to be two next month and right now she insists on dressing herself. Also, no matter what, she refuses to take any help. Most of the time (around the house) her clothes are inside out, back wards, and with only one arm through a sleeve. Also, mostly every outfit is complete with slippers or rain boots. This girl is also into layering. Sometimes she wears up to 4 shirts and dresses at a time. Yep, she's a trend setter.

Music is another fun thing we deal with. We play music through our TV, a lot. Of course Avery loves it. She loves to dance and rock out and shake her booty.. oh boy. But she can turn up the volume. She always turns up the volume. Following with "STOP mama!" when I turn the volume back down to a non-ear-piercing level.

This is teenage stuff people.

As much as her little free spirited independence tests my patience, I love it.
I wouldn't trade my little toddler-teenager for the world!

"styles by Avery"



  1. Stopping by from the link up! I have a two year old who is quite independent herself.... everything takes 5 times as long!!!