Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hello Fall!

Fall is coming, Fall is coming!
My Pinterest is already full of yummy fall recipes, fun fall activities & lots of other fun things I have planned for this season. Fall is my favorite season. We have Garrett's birthday in September, mine and Avery's in October, halloween, the start of the holiday season and the weather is just perfect... am I boring you yet? Okay, yes.
I love fall.
You get it.
I gathered up the basics of my fall pins on Pinterest and put together a Fall bucket list to follow the next few months- and I'm going to drag that man of mine and the baby around and make sure we complete each and everyone ;) Avery is at the age where she will really enjoy all the fun that is ahead so that basically has me really excited.
With that rant said.. here is my bucket list for this coming season :)

is anyone else as ready for Fall as I am? I'd love to hear what everyone else's plans are for this Fall! 
Happy September!


  1. Amen for fall! I've got almost all of these on my list too. I wish we could go apple picking, just isn't in the area. Have fun completing your bucket list!!!