Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's the Little Things- baby's "firsts"

Having a baby is fun because for a pretty long time you get to re experience a bunch of firsts with your baby. Important things, and then things that are not so important and suddenly feel so important because, it's a first.

Avery is almost two, she is amused by nearly everything and gets excited over the simplest things.
But watching that newness of things isn't as frequent as it used to be.

I came across a picture from Avery when she was only five months old, holding a little flower I picked off a neighbors bush one day. (Sorry neighbor). And I handed to Avery while she was in her stroller. And I can still remember her eyes. That look of really seeing and holding a flower for probably the first time. Granted she tore it apart and wanted to eat it two minutes later. But she was so curious and captivated. I remember being in that moment and needing a picture. It was her first flower, DUH! Now, she sees flowers and wants to pick them herself, she smells them, and hands them off to someone with a huge smile. She still gets excited any time she sees a flower. She has to stop every time and try and pick it. Even the weeds that look like flowers. No matter how many tore up weed flowers she gives me, I'm excited every time, and I think back to five month old Avery cooing at her first flower.

Over the weekend we went to the park- and Avery pointed at the big girl swings. The ones we tried countless times and always followed with sitting there stiff and crying any time the swing-swong. Relentlessly I put her on the swing. She held on, and smiled. She liked it? I pushed. She laughed! She likes it! 
She swung, high!
For what felt like forever.
She even pointed at the swing next to her telling me to swing with her. Which meant it was okay if I wasn't standing there waiting to catch her.
We swung.
For the first time she was swinging in the big girl swings and she was loving it! Like, she threw a fit when I finally had to take her down.
There will be plenty of more swinging in her childhood. All of which she will love and laugh the entire time. Not every time she gets on a swing will be a milestone or something to take note of. But I'm probably always going to remember 21 month old Avery swinging for the first time. Because it was her first. 

the first flower

watching how far from the ground she was going

Linking up again with the ladies at Words About Waverly and Sadie Sky Boutique.. thank you ladies for continuing to reminds mamas out there to pay attention to the little things.



  1. Love this! It was such a milestone for us too when Lily started to swing in a "big girl" swing. I just couldn't believe it. Seems so grown up. Looks like Avery had a blast!! Stopping in from the link up! Consider me your newest follower!

    1. Big girl swings are a total milestone. Thank you, Amanda!

  2. Yes, yes and yes. I miss the ‘baby’ stages and all of those firsts. My baby is four now. It goes so quick!! Enjoy them! Precious pictures!!

    1. Aww! It goes by way to fast!! Thank you!

  3. What sweet memories! I love that big smile on the swing. There are so many firsts you don't even think about when you have a babe! And even when they end it is awesome to remember them.

    1. Thank you, she was seriously excited to be swinging :) And yes there's just so many new things for these little ones to experience