Sunday, August 24, 2014

A not so eventful weekend

This post will probably win the award for the most irrelevant un eventful post- ever.

But since I've been pretty busy this last week with work, a new semester starting, and Garrett being out of town for work. I thought I'd put something up here while I can. I'm currently taking a homework break and watching the VMA's and drinking a pepsi. Can you say party animal

Our weekend wasn't exciting, at all. Saturday Avery wasn't feeling well so we cooped ourself inside watching Barney and eating pedialyte pops all day. Uh yeah. Sunday I worked all day so Avery had a day of catching up with daddy after ten days of him being gone. I know he hates being away from her for so long, but he loves to hear about all the new things she learned in ten days- because in all honesty I feel like something new is happening literally every day at this point. Exciting toddler stuff people

Good news is Avery is feeling much better now and I am off of work tomorrow and that's pretty exciting. 

Hope everyone else's weekend was slightly more exciting then ours over here! Happy Sunday & here's to another great week! 
Oh and here is a selfie because, we like selfies. 



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