Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer photo dump

Slowly but surely, we are coming back.
I've been following along with a bunch of my favorite bloggers this summer & all there summer fun.. and I just thought I would take this opportunity to dump a load of photos of what we've done so far this summer! Lets get excited people ;)
There has been a lot of Fall talk going on.. don't get me wrong i love fall. It's my favorite. But I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer yet. We've had so much fun, I'm just not ready.
Once again, if you follow my instagram you've probably seen most of these pictures already.. here it goes!!

I got a bike with a baby tow trailer for mother day.. so thats been fun! 

lots of water play


feeding giraffes

4th of July!

big girl swing status. Cue tears 

wagon rides

panda express at the park


getting toes eaten by donkeys at the CA state fair ;)

and lots of messy chalk play

WELL, now thats out of the way. Hah! Hoping to get back to some normal posts soon.
Happy summer y'all



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