Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentines Lunch

Valentines day lunch for a toddler- was a success! 
It was super fun & easy. I took a normal lunch that you'd see around here and spruced it up just a bit. 
A nutella and banana sandwich, cut out into a heart.
Animal crackers dipped into pink chocolate melt, then rolled in valentines sprinkles.
Heart shaped french fries. Took a potato, cut it into slices, punched a heart out of each slice, put in a frying pan with olive oil and voila! 
Then of course raspberries. 

Avery loved it- this girl loves anything really. She may be to young to understand why I'm giving her food shaped like hearts and why everything has been red and pink around here lately but one day she'll understand and appreciate the fun. But for now, it's never to early to start traditions ;) 



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