Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Favorite shop stops

Target and Trader Joe's have been my main two errand stops lately, I mean, if you mixed those 2 stores together what else would ya need? And today was one of those days ;)
Target has been on point as usual. Full of pink and red hearts, and they're coming out with all the spring collections, yippee! ;) & of course Trader Joe's, always a favorite.

Then we made toddler Valentines day trail mix.. yummy, yummy in my little toddlers tummy!
I put cheerios, animal crackers, valentines day m&m's and yogurt drops! Perfect to stick in a snack cup and take for on the go, or just a quick snack at home. I added raspberries to it when she ate it earlier, to add some healthy fruit but stick with the Valentines theme. Avery thinks it's delicious, and of course the m&ms disappeared first

And of course, the star of the show! She was super excited because we were buying Bananas, her new found obsession (pronounced ba-NANANA). And by obsessed, I mean- waking up at 5AM crying for a banana, and basically asking for one every time she eats.

Happy Tuesday, almost to the middle of the week! And 10 days til Valentines day.


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