Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy new year!

Ringing in the new year was spent perfectly this year. We agreed to let Avery stay up past bed time, as long as she could before getting to cranky (since there would be other kids around). It was much to our surprise when at 10:30 PM she was still going strong. By going strong I mean standing in front of the TV dancing her little heart out with her Uncle, and every time he decided to be done dancing Avery made sure to go follow him and dance in front of him until he started dancing again. It was priceless. But after being up 3 hours past bedtime, all the dancing and sweets she had we decided it was time to lay her down.. yes, we rained on her little party parade.
We finished out the night playing an intense game of apples to apples with some family & friends. Nothing brings out the competitor in you more than a nice card game ;)
And after the count down we went outside before finally heading to bed! 

Dancing machine! Oh and check out that little baby mullet ;) 


Here's to 2014 being another year of greatness!  


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